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Commercial Awnings For Your Business

Awning Company of America

You’ll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!
We’ve all heard that old saying before, but it’s never been more true than when applied to architecture. The building you occupy can flatter you, but the canopy that defines your entrance offers the first and best chance to dress your business for success.

Show me a commercial center famous for its architecture and design, its color, and the beauty of its structures and we’ll show you awnings by AWNING COMPANY OF AMERICA. We make every entrance and every window a showcase.

Illuminated and colorful awnings can set a mood, highlight the style, or complement the architecture of your building. A distinctive awning can renovate an older building, capture attention, or enhance your image.

Imagine the possibilities! From shopping malls to restaurants, from theaters to hotels, canvas and backlit awnings by AWNING COMPANY OF AMERICA are seen in all the best places!

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